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24-07-2019, 13:21
Dear all. I am helping a friend prepare his Litton Corse, with a Lancia Thema 2 litre 16 valve engine, for IVA testing. The car runs and drives but there are several things still to do before we can present it for the IVA test. We would welcome any help and advice. We are in Chelmsford, Essex. Thank you

Paul Eustace
24-07-2019, 16:26
Welcome, I have sent you a PM but rest assured, like many people on this forum, I am really keen to help and live just up the road!

24-07-2019, 16:31
There is a whole section of IVA Tips on the forum. You may need to join the club to have access, I am not sure.

25-07-2019, 08:57
Welcome to the forum, i posted on your FB thread.

I have a litton and soon to go through IVA as well

Strat Fan
25-07-2019, 09:33

Any questions feel free to ask.
Pictures of the car please as they will help others on here identify problem areas.

25-07-2019, 11:39
I seem to remember half a story about some missing plastic side windows for a Corse from Chelmsford. Was that you, and if so did you ever get any?

26-07-2019, 10:12
Many thanks for all your replies.
My friend, who owns the car, is away next week, however, when he's back we'll have lots of questions for you all.
Thank you

26-07-2019, 10:21
Hi John. Side windows were mentioned the other day; he said they are plastic and he wasn't sure if they would pass the IVA. Someone has suggested removing them completely. What is your view? Thank you

26-07-2019, 11:32
You can buy IVA acceptable side windows from Plastics4Performance. Probably best to fit them and have done with it. Depending on the inspector the car may fail if it obviously has parts ( the side windows) missing.

26-07-2019, 14:53
I am chancing it with the stickers from 'I say ding dong', that have the correct markings for plastic windows, will just say they are from original kit and that was how they was marked

May not be the best way forward, but worth a shot in my mind

26-07-2019, 18:29
Well there is an alternative course of action. Worth a try as you say Steve.

26-07-2019, 20:46
I think missing windows is one of the examples in the IVA common fails so you're unlikely to get that through unless you block up the aperture in the door so that it isn't obvious there should be some. But you never know I suppose....

07-08-2019, 09:51
This is my friends Litton Corse