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28-07-2019, 03:07
Hi Guys, I have been involved in rallying for over 40years and not a year has gone past that I have not competed. I currently compete as codriver in selected national events in Australia in an awesome Audi Quattro S1 E2 replica, I have decided it is time for me to purchase/build a Stratos for my shed/occasional hillclimbs and displays. I recently inquired about purchasing a replica from LB but was told by Lydia(in a nice way) that they are so busy they are not taking any more orders for the time being. I think I want a Group 4 can any one let me know what to avoid as far as replica kit builders?

28-07-2019, 09:25
To put a slight twist on Billy Conolly's philosophy, there is no such thing as a bad Stratos Replica. Just the wrong price/specification.
We seem to be moving into a bit of a "supply and demand" situation. Confirmed by the direction prices are moving in.
If you want to build a kit and LB are not supplying then Gerry at Hawk is your only alternative and nothing wrong with that.
For ready built cars there are further factors.
Some people build more for the build experience than Stratos "ownership". Sure, they drive them once finished but sell relatively quickly once complete to try something new. Then we have other owners who build and keep their cars a lifetime.
We have some esteemed members who have two Strati and no sign of moving one on!
So to buy a ready built kit, because there are so relatively few around, you have to compromise on specification, colours etc. So you have to be happy with the price asked in that you can buy and be happy with what you are buying or still afford to make the changes you want.
Famously, in the past, most people buying a "part built" kit always took them apart and started again. Presumably because these cars are loved by individuals who want their cars to be different ( and so better.....) than everyone else's.
Anyway, good luck with finding what you want. I'm not trying to put anyone off but just pointing out its not like buying a production car or even something like a prepared Escort which exists in greater numbers.

28-07-2019, 10:29
Andrew, as you will know from your Audi Quattro S1 E2 replica experience, there are replicas, and there are replicas, there are Gp. 4 Stratos replicas like Vince Abbotts car that are really, really close doppelgängers, and there are those that are visually representative of Gp. 4, and those changes extend to chassis set up and engine spec, there are cars on this forum with a lot more power and torque than even the 'in period' works 4 valve cars ever produced. So the thing I would suggest that you avoid is setting off on this adventure (at will be an adventure) with no clear and detailed vision of where you are going, and what the final outcome looks like, hope this helps, welcome to the club, and good luck, Griff

28-07-2019, 11:18
Gerry, at Hawk Cars has a full order book, but may be stepping up production...

Guy Mayers
28-07-2019, 11:26
Good luck with the search for a kit or a completed car. I'd only like to add that you should check out the local registration requirements to ensure that you can put a car you built yourself on the road or register an amateur built car that you've imported. Further, please check that the potential car you've decided to buy is correctly registered in whichever country you buy it otherwise it's identity may be questioned at import/registration. In the UK it was common to find cars using their donor car's logbook without alteration and a Hawk/Litton/CAE/Allora/Lister Bell looks nothing like a Lancia Beta Coupe/Saloon. Things have moved on in regard to those days but there are still cars out there incorrectly registered.

28-07-2019, 14:01
Since SVA test days and current IVA tests I think donor car descriptions have disappeared.

28-07-2019, 14:31
Since SVA test days and current IVA tests I think donor car descriptions have disappeared.

May still be some like that hiding in sheds still to be unearthed. Where have all those Hawks gone?

28-07-2019, 15:52
A good question......

28-07-2019, 18:52
While hope it's not considered bad form on here for me diffidently to mention this one?


28-07-2019, 19:57
Don't be daft, Clive - you're selling, someone else is buying, where's the problem! :)