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20-10-2019, 08:59
good morning all!

I'm Luca (italian) but living in Norway, I lived the last 5 years with the idea of building a stratos replica, and now I think times has come.
I was supposed to visit hawk cars some months ago while I was in UK but I didn't for other problem.So, now I would like to ask you a sort of review between Hawk and Lister bell. the quality of the products is the same? the price of the two kits is equivalent? and how much money (more or less) I need from the reservation of the kit to the registration (I will do everything myself)?
In december I will be in Uk (Slough) somebody living nearby? maybe I can visit you for see a finished project ;)



Guy Mayers
20-10-2019, 09:17
Welcome to the forum Luca, before you jump into either kit please check with the local authorities that it'll be possible to register the finished car on the road, nobody can see into the future and nobody knows what impact the UK leaving the EU will have either legislatively or financially (tariffs etc).
If you're in the UK in December I'd recommend that you take the time to visit both Hawk Cars and Lister Bell to see examples of thier finished cars. At the end of the day only you can decide which one you want to build, talking to any owner is going to give you a biased view but the best place to go, if you can't get to both manufacturers is the Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh as the club has a good turnout each year and both manufacturers are usually there.
Finally, are you aware that both Hawk Cars & Lister Bell have full order books and deliveries are two and three years respectively? (But check with them both in case things have changed).

22-10-2019, 20:28
thanks for the reply Guy,
yes in Norway is possible register kit car, about brexit I'm curious too.
lister bell is not that close to Slough and because I'm there for a course I don't know if I will have time to drive there...
and if the waiting list is that long Perhaps I should look at a project already started :rolleyes::D

Guy Mayers
22-10-2019, 22:00
Projects don't come on the market very often Luca. A complete car is easier to find but a lot more expensive and rarely left hand drive. Some Hawks can be converted but not recommended. Someone with a LB can advise on the conversion of on of their cars to LHD.

Stratos Fear
23-10-2019, 12:50
From my example, the LB cars can be readily switched from RH to LH . The chassis is built with provision for either ( brackets already in place) and the steering rack is controlled from a central position - so the column can be moved across without impacting the steering or suspension geometry. Pedal box swap should also be relatively straightforward although it will mean swapping the heater matrix over - and of course brake and clutch master cylinders. Definitely do-able .

23-10-2019, 14:02
I converted my first LB build from RHD to LHD all in all it took a good weekend.
No major issues as all the brackets are in place, the steering column was literally unbolted and swung across without disconnecting the shaft.
The biggest issue was making a new dash (grp4) and recharging the aircon.

Guy Mayers
23-10-2019, 17:16
That's good to know - the Hawk takes a lot longer as the chassis isn't symetrical, the centre spine is offset to give (needed) room to the driver. But the time in reinstating the dash would be the same on either car I guess!

24-10-2019, 12:29
Hi Luca,

I've sent you a private message.


26-10-2019, 22:04
You might want to speak to René Depuis (who despite the name is Norwegian) and lives near Oslo, he has a Norwegian registered, left hand drive Hawk, and will be an excellent place to start your enquiries
He is on the SEC site as a free user, best wishes Griff

02-11-2019, 12:30
thanks to all for the informations,

I will try to get in touch with René, in order to have a first look at one replica.
And offcourse in december I will try to find some spare time when I'm in UK. Anyway I'm not in rush, and the first thing I must understand is, what will happen about tax and cost with brexit (if brexit will arrive one day).
And also I must have a license from the norwegian road authority, for build a kit car before buy it. this doesn't scare me but anyway I must consider it.
I would like also to ask to the people using the 2.5 v6 24v alfa if they are happy or they are dreaming the 3.0/3.2 liters 24valves.

cheers and have a great weekend