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03-11-2019, 00:59
Stumbled across this:


I contacted them and got this response:
They are available in two different sizes:

50 x 70 cm (19.6 x 27.5 inches), 35€

33 x 48 cm (13 x 18.9 inches), 15€

Both posters are made using a high-resolution digital printer, 12 inks, and high quality paper.

As you are from the UK, please notice that at this moment our posters only feature the Spanish rally championship liveries and results

Apparently I' the first overseas person to contact them.Thought others might be interesed. They look to be good quality and prices look very reasonable. Might get the 131 and Stratos versions.

08-11-2019, 11:42
Thanks for this Leigh, I enquired about postage to UK, and also s I saw they had a 'feature' on the Stratos in an earlier issue I asked about that too.
email tiendaturini@gmail.com
Here is the response -

Yes, the Stratos was featured in the 6th issue of our magazine: Inside you can find an interesting report/interview with Thomas Popper -the Lancia Stratos owners club founder-, and a 10 page article about the Stratos in Spain. Some more drawings in there!

We usually send the magazines in a flat envelope, and the posters in a cardboard tube. As you live in the UK, it will be a little expensive to pay for two shippings, if you don't mind I can put the magazine inside the tube with the posters.
The price is 35€ for the (larger) poster + 5€ for the magazine + 13€ for the shipping costs
The shipping costs are the same without the magazine, as both doesn’t reach the minimum weight.

Thanks again,
Javier García

03-12-2019, 18:05
Today I received the poster and the issue of the magazine 'Turini' (issue N.06 of Spring 2018) which featured the Stratos - some good photographs and once the payment was sorted, (used Paypal) a very straight forward transaction.