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08-01-2020, 15:03

Today, I've had confirmation that the SEC is now recognised by/affiliated to FCA Heritage. This is "FCA" as in "Fiat Chrysler Automobiles", and gives us quite the boost up the credibility ladder.
This has come about because they approached us, as part of a drive to link to clubs who support their significant makes and models. I pointed out that the vast majority of our cars aren't the genuine article but replicas/homages, but they were cool with that, which supports my assertions recently in my Rants that our cars are becoming appreciated in their own right. Think it also helped that we're the Stratos ENTHUSIASTS' Club, rather than Owners Club, which obviously allows for replica and genuine cars.
This doesn't mean we can start passing our cars off as the Real Thing (unless they are!), but now there really is no need to be apologetic that "it's only a kit car".

Anyway, great news for the club!


Chairman Norm

08-01-2020, 15:29
Good work, Cap'n Norm!

Like you say, it's definitely a good thing that the FCA are happy to associate with clubs that support owners with replica cars.

08-01-2020, 17:21
Nice one Norm, that is fantastic news. Next time you speak to the nice peeps at FCA do ask if they would like any help in working out what they would like to do with the Lancia brand... Im happy to help!!!:cool:

Seriously though, top stuff Norm.

Stratos Fear
08-01-2020, 18:35
Well done Norm - a good move!


08-01-2020, 19:33
Tim, good idea, only I think the Heritage peeps are only looking one way...and that's to the past....hey ho.

Guy Mayers
08-01-2020, 20:06
So are we going to get a guided tour of the heritage centre sometime? I so want to go have a wander around there!

08-01-2020, 20:47
Nice work Norm. Thankyou ��

08-01-2020, 20:50
Well done Norm - a good move!

Good work, well done Norm!

08-01-2020, 21:08
Norm, the good news is the past maybe the future, 1974 is where I am staying:).