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18-03-2020, 20:04
Gang, it's Chairman Norm here.

Been watching developments over the last week regarding everyone's No.1 Virus, and having seen how things are shaping up, and the way people are reacting to it, I've decided, after running it past our esteemed Vice-Chair, that the best course of action is to call off this year's AGM at Stoneleigh (although maybe it's more a course of inaction, since we're not doing something...)

Reason for this is because, although the Stoneleigh show itself hasn't been cancelled yet, I felt it wasn't right in the current situation to make people feel there was some sort of imperative for them to attend something they might otherwise have given a miss. This isn't to say that we won't still have a stand at the show, if it still goes ahead - the plot's booked and so is the marquee - but it means you can go, or stay away, as it suits you, with no AGM that you might feel you have to show your face at.

So that means the current committee continue in place for the time being. We'll see how things pan out over the next few months, and if the situation changes favourably, look to hold the AGM later in the year at some location or other. Or it may be that things don't improve over the warmer months, and so we'll end up having to leave it till next year...

Sorry about this, but I hope you all understand the reasoning behind the cancellation. Also hope I'll nevertheless get to see y'all at some point during the year!



Guy Mayers
18-03-2020, 20:56
Good call Norm.

I'm beginning to think it's only a matter of time before the show is called off. The prospect of spending couple of days indoors being exposed to lots of people worries me. Not so much for myself, more for the impact it may have on my 89 year old Mum and more so for Gerry... He's still planning on being there of course!


18-03-2020, 23:00
Norman, very sensible.

18-03-2020, 23:17
Norman, very sensible.

Yup. I agree

19-03-2020, 07:03
We are living in strange time's ........... so good call Norm !

19-03-2020, 07:45
It is disappointing, but well done Norm for making the decision.

Guy, I am too, sure that it's only a matter of time before the whole things is cancelled in any case.
It's amazing it's still shown as going ahead?

19-03-2020, 12:14
Good call Norm, I guess it will be cancelled pretty soon & Guy is spot on with who we don't need to get it!

19-03-2020, 13:30
Well done Norm, for this decision
health comes before pleasure.

stay healthy, saluti Enzo

19-03-2020, 14:40
Thanks for the support and understanding, guys - looks like we were a day in front here, as the latest on the organisers' FB page is that they're working with the venue to try and reschedule. Not much of a surprise there really :)

20-03-2020, 09:45
Thanks for the support and understanding, guys - looks like we were a day in front here, as the latest on the organisers' FB page is that they're working with the venue to try and reschedule. Not much of a surprise there really :)

It's now flashing up on the main website home page, after a second or so:


Guy Mayers
20-03-2020, 12:42
Gerry has confirmed it's postponed, no new dates yet. Watch this space.

I think I'm really relieved about this. Will go for a drive out instead.If that's still allowed!


20-03-2020, 20:37
Guy, that's my plan too. Nobody's stoppiong you from going out, you just need to "social distance" from people. So fill up with juice (pay at the pump?) and go for a drive...you're enclosed so cut off from the world, and you can stop at the motorway services and grab a coffee from one of those dispensers!
Sad thing is, that's pretty much what I do anyway... !!

Guy Mayers
24-04-2020, 19:47
Well assuming we're actually going to be let out to play in the not too distant future can I suggest we have the AGM at Stoneleigh at the Kit Car Show?

The new dates are 29th & 30th August.


24-04-2020, 20:57
I'd seen that too. Guy, but I'm not convinced our lords and masters will actually let large gatherings go ahead by that date, going from all the "could be locked down for some time, probably next year" stuff they keep coming out with.
I do think they'll start easing off in early May, or society and the economy will take a large dive, but can't see sporting events, concerts, car shows and the like being given the thumbs-up any time soon. I think the organisers are simply being hopeful and putting a date out there just in case, and who can blame them? But I think we'd be better served seeing how it all pans out and not making a decision yet.

Keep yer digits crossed though! :)