View Full Version : Classic Line - Club Discount Now Available

10-11-2020, 21:17

A (smallish) bit of good news in these frustrating times....

I've been chucking a few emails back and forth with Classic Line, with the result that they now recognise the club and will give discounts to members. So if you've got insurance renewal coming up, or you're looking to insure your new build, give them a bell and see what they quote. Just mention you're a member of the SEC and the discount will be yours! Only fly in the ointment is that right now, nobody can actually go anywhere due to Lockdown 2....although it's amazing how that 2-mile trip to the supermarket has suddenly turned into 10 :)


The Norm :)

10-11-2020, 21:21
By the way, if you've currently got a policy running with them, you won't be able to get the discount retrospectively - you'll have to wait till renewal time. Soz.

17-11-2020, 23:31
Thanks Norm
Just about to renew
What level of discount have they indicated?

18-11-2020, 19:17
Hiya Gerry, there wasn't a specific percentage given - I think it depends on who the particular underwriters for your car end up being. But I suppose the bottom line is to see what figure they come up with, compared to anyone else you get a quote from.
Let us know how they shape up, if you don't mind. I know we've already got a few peeps with them so they must be competitive.



19-11-2020, 12:47
Just spoken to Classic Line
They will give 15% discount on fully comp (good haggling Norm 😀) but sadly nothing on laid up ie in build cover. Not even a gesture 😟
Anyway cost for laid up cover is 292 for 48k - my estimate and probably a bit high but we all know how the cost can escalate 😱 And that's our little secret right!?
Haven't renewed yet so if anybody has a better deal I've got a bit of time.