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27-11-2020, 17:26

Just got an email offering 25% off those small lithium jump starters. This one also powers all sorts of other stuff and even does wireless phone charging, and has a built-in flashlight. Here's the email and the link to their site...

This is NOT just another black Friday offer email!

Here at Quick Start, we are writing to offer you an exclusive discount on one of our best selling models - the QS38 Jumpstarter.
Ordinarily at this time of year, we would be looking forward to meeting our customers at the Classic Car Show at the NEC however, as this year hasn't been quite the norm, we are sending you an EXCLUSIVE offer coupon so you can enjoy the show saving from the comfort of your home!

We would like to introduce to you the QS38 model by Quick Start, a personal handheld jump starter. Small but powerful, this device will jumpstart up to a 6 litre petrol or 4 litre diesel engine multiple times!
Not only can this device jump start your engine from flat, it also supports fast charge and wireless charging for mobile phones. The QS38 is also fitted with a built in LED flashlight for indoor, outdoor and emergency lighting.
You will never be caught out with the QS38 as part of your kit, and not only makes a perfect gift to yourself, but also makes a great buy for anyone who is out on the road - the peace of mind they will never have to struggle with a flat battery ever again.
Further technical data can be found attached on our product page, as well as more information about the vast range of products we offer, including our commercial products. https://quickstartdirect.co.uk/product/qs-petrol-or-diesel-jump-starter/ (https://quickstartdirect.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=a19b50b8949c63d732bd4f48a&id=e97480e85e&e=5dde427684)

Ordinarily this unit retails at £120, however with this special discount - you can bag yourself a QS38 for just £90 + Postage.
There’s no limit to the amount of units ordered and you will pay a flat postage rate of £10 for 1..2…3 or more units ordered.
This is a limited time offer only so don't delay in ordering today!

Offer coupons are valid until: 31st December 2020

To place your order, simply order via our website using your coupon code "CCC25."

So there you have it - if you've been thinking of one of these, this is probably worth a look. They've got other models on their website as well.


The Norm

29-11-2020, 12:47
Nice Norman!

04-12-2020, 09:40
I was sceptical about these type of things,but a friend had one bought him one for Xmas one year and said how good they are so I purchased one.It isn't quite so advanced as that but has very easily started a diesel landrover.A real handy item.


04-12-2020, 10:58
Like your friend, I had one bought for me, and its great, will even start a v8, but it is only a great object if you keep it topped up occasionally, as I have learned to my cost, suffering some domestic hostility, when it failed due to this oversight.

04-12-2020, 11:44
I've had complaints from wimmin as well, for failing to stay on top and plug it in. As it were.