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07-12-2020, 04:09
Hello everyone - short-term lurker (like... 1 day :) ), first time poster.

Currently autocross/track a 2nd gen MR2 with 2GR swap and I've been at crossroads trying to decide if I really want to go through a full resto-mod build to re-engineer or go build a car that might be better suited to what I want to accomplish.

Pleasantly surprised when I ran across the LB and it specifically mentioned the 2GR. Got so much into researching that I came across this site and even did a membership just so I could look at the builds to get an idea of what could be done.

I really want to see a LB in person but I know there are very few kits over here in the US so I guess I'll be looking forward to spending quite a few days reading through the site and trying to absorb as much as possible.

Thanks all!


07-12-2020, 22:27
Hi John, good to have you along, even as a failed lurker :)

The LB 2GR option was originally meant to cater for places like Oz or the US, where Alfa motors are harder to come by, but it's becoming a more popular choice here in the UK now as well. There are only a couple of quite rare Toyotas here that use the motor, but of course we do have Lotus who use it in almost all their cars now, so it is possible to find one if you're lucky. I've got one in my car (still in build) but Dave Evens (STR_Strat on here) has had his on the road about 18 months now and reports that it's fantastic - says he wouldn't go back to Alfa now.
Your 2GR-in-an-MR2 will be using the 5 speed E153 box, I assume (I think that's the one?), but the way it seems to be going in LB-land now is to use the EA60 6-speed with the Lotus adapter pack. If it's OK for an Exige or Evora...apparently it's a nicer gearchange too.

Right now, though, if you wanted an LB, your only option would be to buy an existing car, as they've stopped taking orders for now to try and get the waiting list down to a manageable size! So if you've got the readies, have patience and keep an eye out - cars do come up for sale, but I don't know how you'd go about importing one if it was from over here. Meanwhile, feel free to ask questions on here!



08-12-2020, 13:08
Hi Norm - we're testing the approval post theory. Here is hoping the post goes online without a hitch! :)

Yes, the MR2 is using the E153 - it is a pretty stout unit. I had thought one of the LB 2GR builds was using the same transmission but I'm open to using a EA60 if that is what LB ends up spec'ing into. My memory is recalling a random thread on a MR2 forum where a UK-based MR2 2GR with a lightened flywheel used either a EA60 or EB60/62 and noted some clacking noise when not depressing the clutch. I think they ended up with the thought that Lotus was using a dual-mass flywheel and absorbing a vibration that the lighter flywheel did not; however, that's conjecture based on an old memory... I'll have to dig the thread up from the forum graveyards to refresh the memory bank. I'm a bit of 2GR nut so it is great to hear that the current LB owners are enjoying it!

I found a US group on this site which had a thread about importing - iirc, they noted that buying a completed car from overseas would mean selling the engine and dis-assembling the car as much as possible back to the unbuild state so that it would be treated as "parts". Unsure if I'll even to want to attempt that merry little adventure but we'll see how long I can wait out LB re-opening the order book. I'll be passing the time reading and asking questions.


08-12-2020, 13:33
Hi John - your latest post looks OK to me, so fingers X'ed we've sussed it! I'll still keep an eye on your posts for a bit to make sure tho.

The E153 is indeed a toughie, and that was the way it was looking to go - the first 2GR LB over here used that motor/box combo and it was great (that particular car's in Germany now). However, a few motors made it out of Lotus somehow as complete powertrains with the EA60 box, and although there was a bit of uncertainty how it'd shape up in a Strat rep due to the extra weight (the EA60's a 3-shaft box, so about 30lb heavier), it turned out to be a belter because not only do you get 6 speeds with an intergalactic top gear, the actual gearchange is much nicer for some reason. If you acquire them separately you need the Lotus gubbins to mate them up - the adapter plate, flywheel, clutch, reverse-spin starter - so it can get expensive...but you've got experience with the E153 so I guess that's the way you'd go, if building a car yourself. LB will supply the chassis with mounts for both boxes (i.e. one or the other, not both together!)

If you got a completed car from over here you'd probably need to remove the engine and box and import it as a turnkey-minus, then drop the whizzy bits back in. Think that's how Superformance do it. But I believe it varies from state to state so you'd need to bone up on all that.

Also bear in mind the ECU to make it all work - that first car used a Toyota one from the donor car with a few mods courtesy of Frankenstein Motorworks, and although that worked for the UK, it wouldn't pass German regs. so the preferred route now is a standalone, fully-programmable ECU from SCS, who're a bunch of guys who used to work for Lotus, so they know about 2GRs.

Mine is still in build - you might come across the build thread up to rolling chassis. Have to say the build was remarkably straightforward, what you see on the forum took from late March to August, so not a lot of effort, even for a moron like me with two right hands (I'm left-handed...).

Anyhow, as I said in t'other thread, good luck with it, and don't hesitate to ask questions. Who knows, someone might even answer ya ;)