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08-12-2020, 01:17
Trying to post again because I apparently took too long last night typing my hello post and I think the site logged me out... lol.

Hello all - short-term lurker, first-time poster. :) Based in the east coast of the United States and currently own a 2nd gen MR2 with a 2GR engine swap that I autocross quite a bit; I've hit a crossroad on whether I want to re-engineer the '2 or start fresh with a car ground up.

The LB STR recently has been catching my eye as I was debating how to go about getting a 2GR mid-engine kit car and, lo and behold, LB makes a chassis to suit the 2GR. I think I'm partial to the STR LeMans - been absorbing as much information as here and even picked up a membership because I wanted to read through as many build threads as I can. Can't order until mid-2021 at the earliest though.... guess I was way too slow in researching.

There probably aren't many Stratos (does one call a group of Stratos cars... Stratii?) over in this neck of the woods so hopefully I find one somewhere that I can look at up close someday before LB opens the order book.

Off to reading I go!

08-12-2020, 11:52
Welcome John to the fraternity, you wont be disappointed.


08-12-2020, 13:14
Hi Robin - thanks for the welcome! Had a bit of a posting snafu so I have two threads active in the new member section... perhaps one the threads can be locked or maybe I can just play at a split-personality. :)

Hoping to join the LB-owner ranks some day in the future. Until then, much reading and planning to be done!