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22-01-2021, 13:17
Is the rep system working?
I'm not totally certain how it's supposed to work, but I gave someone approval some time ago and it doesn't seem to have appeared on their account.

22-01-2021, 15:31
From what I can see, your rep power increases by 1 every year you've been a member, and every 100 posts you make. I don't know what happens if approval is given by someone. So, John, you've been a member for 10 years (10 points) and have made 1996 posts (19 points) giving a total of 29 rep points (or rep power). Another 4 posts and it'll be 30....cue flurry of posts....:)

22-01-2021, 16:43
Didn't know that Norm.
But I thought you could add to someone's rep using the star button at the bottom?
Three to go......

22-01-2021, 17:39
Ah! Well thanks to Robin, I've now seen a page of the forum I've never seen before! Looks like the rep power you are talking about Norm is different to the star button thingy. I thought they were one and the same.
From that page I've also seen that my approval comment has been awarded as intended.

22-01-2021, 18:03
Ah! Well thanks to Robin, What have I done.????

22-01-2021, 18:56
Where do I start..... ;)

22-01-2021, 19:49
What have I done.????
Well I got a message saying you had given me a reputation point! And it led me to a page detailing what reputation I had given and what I'd recieved. Never seen it before.
Do you want to retract it?!��
Two to go...

22-01-2021, 19:50
Oh hang on, I'm losing count....
2000 up! Yay!