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18-03-2021, 12:12

Can anyone help with providing the "Original Design Laden Weights" for a Litton Corse for the IVA application form and for the VIN plate.

We need:
Gross Weight
Font Axle
Rear Axle

For the IVA test we also require evidence of these weights

Any help would be much appreciated

Kind Regards

18-03-2021, 13:20
For anyone to help with that ( which I cant I'm afraid), you would need to add what specification the Corse is.
S or I chassis? What engine?

18-03-2021, 14:34
Hi John

Thank you for your reply.

It started life with a 2 litre 8v Fiat engine with the standard road body shell

Now it has the engine from a 1989 Lancia Thema, which is a 1995cc 4 cylinder in-line, and has had the large rounded early rear arches added.

We will see if there's anything (S or I) on the paperwork

The VIN number starts WSLT, does that mean anything?

Thank you

Kind Regards

Paul Eustace
19-03-2021, 10:26
Hi Suzanne,
I don't recall entering the weights ahead of the IVA test as the examiner (Dennis, really helpful guy) weighed these during the test. FYI 340kg front axle, 550kg rear axle, total weight 890kg with 72 litres of fuel but no driver.
I was however asked for the axle design weights. I will go and find my IVA paperwork and see if I can find what I provided.

Cheers, Paul

Paul Eustace
19-03-2021, 11:40
Here is my IVA documentation.
Please pm me if you know how to rotate the image!

19-03-2021, 13:51
That will be ideal for Suzanne I think Paul.
Certainly more than ball park figures.
The greater chance is you have an S chassis Suzanne the same as Paul's with strut rear suspension.
Is there any chance you will be using the same test centre? And even luckier the same inspector!?

Strat Fan
19-03-2021, 20:18
Here is my IVA documentation.
Please pm me if you know how to rotate the image!
I'm actually surprised they didn't ask you to raise those figure Paul given the actual weight of the car and the fact that it has two seats and a boot space.
Obviously not an issue for you as you have passed the test and are registered but I think some examiners could flag those weights up as being a bit shy in some cases.
The permitted axle weights shown would in theory only allow you to carry 180Kg in the car which could easily equate to two passengers at 90Kg which would then leave no margin for a tool kit, luggage, spares, picnic etc.
A lower design weight will no doubt help with the brake test figures but the figure does need to be high enough to allow an owner to venture out on a road trip, two up and with luggage.

Paul Eustace
19-03-2021, 21:38
I entirely agree about the axle design weights being a little light. Adding 50kg's to both front and rear axle would be helpful. I was expecting the car to be around 50kgs lighter than it weighed in at!