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10-08-2021, 13:05
Hi All

Im in Rickmansworth and currently pondering the feasibility of doing my own LB Stratos build and have put my name down on the very long LB waiting list. I have no prior experience of working on cars so Im not really sure whether this is doable or not? I have a good sized garage but would be starting from zero re the tools required.

Does anyone know of any forum members who are building or have built their own LB Stratos in or near to Herts (Bucks, Beds, N London) who might be willing to let me take pictures of their car and field numpty questions as and when I get a build slot (which could be years away I understand)?

Thanks all

10-08-2021, 14:24
Hi Matt, congrats(?) on the decision to build a Stratos. As you say, could be a good way off if it's an LB you're after!

If you want to see pics and get an idea of what a build entails, join up and then you'll be able to access the various build threads here on the Forum. In the meantime, no doubt someone local with a car will likely be along soon....

10-08-2021, 16:08
Thanks v much Norm

Yes I think LB are talking about production slots for 2025/26 so that gives me years to get ready! Im just trying to join the Stratos club at the moment but my internet security will not let me fill in the join form..

10-08-2021, 16:51
Congratulations on putting your name down to at least join the queue. I procrastinated for a couple of years before taking that step and regret the dithering because I knew I wanted one but I didn't want to wait the length of time it was going to take and all that has happened is that it's taken longer than it otherwise would have. Live 'n' learn.

I'll be interested to see what you do in terms of the build. I've gone for a factory built car. I've also no experience of working on cars and no tools to do so. I've also never had any interest or motivation to build my own car so for me it was never desirable never mind doable. I do get that some folk want a new hobby or pastime or want to get creative. That was never me. I'm happy to learn new skills but would prefer something easier... like shark wrestling or bear fighting or elementary rocket science.

Once you join you'll get a great feel for things by reading the build threads. I enjoy reading how others are getting on. The thing that genuinely surprises me, and confirms to me that I've done the right thing, is the realitive lack of numptie questions from folk building the cars. I would have been on every hour asking stuff like WTF is this? or How do you do that? or Which way round does this go? Do I need these? Is this bit spare? Should I have done this earlier? Have I broken it? ... no doubt followed a few months later by "does anyone want to buy a 2nd hand kit"

Other views are available :D

10-08-2021, 17:15
Hi Ren

At least you are on the road to getting yours, Im looking at 2026 before it can even start. I could be so old by the time its half-built as to be a candidate for Car SOS!

I would love to go with a turn-key car but £80-90k is outside of my budget so a DIY build is sadly a financial necessity. I I know what you mean re the lack of stupid questions on the forum: its frightening how competent these chaps are. I fear I could quickly become the forum's village idiot but hope to find a few peeps with the patience of a saint who may be willing to help answer questions and a few builds i might be able to visit and exhaustively photograph.

10-08-2021, 21:53
What would really suit you Matt is a dual build in the same premises as someone with the requisite skills and experience. The two cars could proceed in parallel.

11-08-2021, 08:37
Welcome. Definitely get that membership sorted. I've been hanging around here for 20 years and still learning something every day.
I've got two Stratos projects here and sadly still not getting around to finishing either.
Not wishing to put a dampener on anyone's ambition, but if you can't even start until 2025 or 6 then surely it will have to be built as a hybrid?
I'm starting to panic about my Alfa 2.5 LB build as, at current rate of progress, I might miss the deadline for petrol only powered registrations.
Unless anyone knows differently?
Or I get my sorry ass in gear.....

11-08-2021, 10:34
Or I get my sorry ass in gear.....

Come on John, a bit of concentration needed, and stop floating about in that boat.!!

11-08-2021, 10:54
Come on John, a bit of concentration needed, and stop floating about in that boat.!!

That's it in a nutshell!

11-08-2021, 14:09
Thanks v much for the heads up re 2030 John, I had not even considered that. Gulp. Would that mean the car would need to have passed IVA and been regd before end of 2029? If so I'd probably need the car finished by v early Jan 2029 as the rush/queue for IVA's could be manic.

A zero emission hybrid engine install would as far as I can tell, buy you until 2035. That would be rather depressing install though as the noise of a screaming V6 is a massive part of what would make the car super special to drive

Lets hope LB's 25/26 estimate is an absolute worst case scenario

11-08-2021, 19:22
,,,and then again, there might well be an exemption for small-run and kitcar manufacturers, just like there is now for various things - emissions, crash tests, all sorts of electrical/computerised gubbins such as ABS, lane assist, blah blah blah. They've only just announced the end of ICE motorbikes for 2035 - probably cos they forgot about them :)

Stratos Fear
13-08-2021, 13:05
Just read your post Matt - dont worry about asking daft questions. (no such thing as a stupid question as one of my teachers once said ) I'm probably the least qualified/experienced person ever to have built an LB Stratos - and If I can do it anyone can. I've made loads of stupid mistakes (most of them mentioned in my blog) but so long as you dont repeat them, and read the numerous and various other posts you will end up with a great car.


Stradale Corse
06-03-2022, 20:11
Hi Matt, I'm just up the road from you in Croxley...I'm already jealous of you though as you at least have a slot on the waiting list! I've been speaking to LB (almost pleading lol) but the best I can achieve at the moment is the reserve list. It seems moving forward they're no longer going to be offering self-build kits but instead turn-key cars...These are going to work out to be rather expensive and four years from now even more so... I'm in a bit of a dilema as saving for a few more years might achieve an LB but I could order a self-build Hawk and wait less time and probably build it considerably cheaper. That said, I have no experience of building a car but I'm generally ok with spanners... Just wish I'd moved on something sooner....