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06-05-2022, 23:27
Hi there, I've been lurking here for a few months, the wealth of knowledge here is staggering...
Like many, I have loved cars since before being able to see over the wheel, and I have known that some form of Stratos is my dream car for a few years.
Right now the dream is a Toyota 2GR powered LB, as being in the USA the 2GR seems a more reasonable proposition than the various Alfa powerplants.
However, the means for this are likely a decade out for me, as I'm starting a PhD this fall, and soon after getting a proper job after graduation, my income will be such that a LB or Hawk build will be a substantial expense, to put it politely. Beyond that, the potential for combustion powered vehicles being restricted in one way or another in the next decade or two...:(
So for now it's still just a dream, but I'm happy to have access to such a community, as I have a lot to learn, and a lot of time to do it.


10-05-2022, 11:55
Shardul, welcome to the forum. Yes there is a lot of knowledge on here and a lot more that could be seen if you became a full member, having access to all sections of the Forum, including build streams.

Like you, I had a dream from the time of the original Strato's, having been involved with rally's from that era, but knowing that an original was well out of my reach, was able to fulfill the dream and acquired an LB kit in 2015. I have had it on the road for three years now and am not disappointed.

Good luck with your studies, and when you see your way towards the necessary financial commitment, get your build reservation in, bearing in mind you may have the possibility of up to a 5 year wait for ether a Hawk or an LB, due in part to the fabulous quality that has produced the popularity of not only the LB brand, but also the interest in the Strato's marque in general.

In the meantime, keep looking on here, there will be lots to see.

10-05-2022, 12:19
Hi Shardul, welcome to Stratosec.

Hope you manage to realise your dream. Funnily enough I did a PhD and ended up with a LB Stratos many years later, so maybe it's a recognised 'route' into ownership :D

10-05-2022, 13:00
Welcome along

Funnily enough I did a PhD and ended up with a LB Stratos many years later, so maybe it's a recognised 'route' into ownership :D

As did I. Never thought it much qualified me for anything but the hours were good and the beer was subsidised :D

10-05-2022, 22:16
...and the beer was subsidised :D

I should be so lucky...

Thank you all for the warm welcome!