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21-06-2022, 10:49
My renewal with ClassicLine has just come up.

1 How does one arrive at any sort of number for the agreed valuation amount. I have has ?50k for a couple of years, but can anyone suggest anything please?

2 Following on from 1 above, I either have to put a number on the form, send seven photos and ?24 for them to agree to the value, or "the club will issue you a certificate"
Do the club issue a valuation certificate, how, who, where, how much ? etc?


21-06-2022, 12:24
Steve, I've issued a few valuation certs over the last few years which have been accepted by Classic Line. We (the club) did have an idea that we'd perhaps have a few "qualified" people around the country who could estimate a car's value but it never came off for various reasons, so I just ended up doing a few on cars that I already knew (and therefore didn't have to make a special trip to see). If you'd like me to take a wild stab at yours, I'll have to have a bit of a crawl round the car but that's not too big a deal cos you're not that far from me. When's the insurance renewal due?

21-06-2022, 14:11
Thanks for the offer.
Insurance is due 7/7/22 though I think agreed valuations can follow.
I have yet to get into "discussion" with them about premium though and may talk to Flux again.
I am just outside Skipton, but if it takes time and petrol I am happy to just give them ?24 to avoid any inconvenience for anyone.
Do you think I should stick ?50k or a higher number.
I was the blue one at the March garage day

21-06-2022, 18:36
I've taken advantage of Norm's socially distanced crawl around for my agreed value insurance with Footman James (who have a specialist kit car / classic car policy which is very comprehensive and they also appear to understand the nature of the cars without requiring loads of photos etc)

He does eat a lot of biscuits when doing the crawl around tho but I guess you get what you pay for ;)

21-06-2022, 21:35
Yeah, crumbs :) :)

Steve, I remember your car at Phil's but I didn't give it the intense once-over, so I don't mind a trip to Skipton for a closer look. I don't want to say "yeah, ?50k sounds about right" or anything without seeing it. Jim's was pretty easy to value anyway cos it was a brand-new high-spec LB, whereas yours is a few years old now so it's down to spec, condition, how many biscuits you've got, etc. Remember though, that the higher the valuation, the more the premium usually is....
If you want to sort a visit PM me and we can set summat up. I'm away early next week but maybe Thursday onwards could work?

22-06-2022, 08:21
I was with Classic Line whilst I had my (Lagos Blu) Integrale EVO 2. Up to ?100k, you only have to send them half a dozen photos & fill out a form re its condition. Because there's always been plenty of Integrales about, CL were able to quite easily confirm the agreed value I was after (100k). Since our cars are somewhat rarer, it might be an idea to try & source some recent sales so CL can benchmark your car.

Good luck.


22-06-2022, 12:18
Hi all
I checked my policy for this year and it had gone up ?6 since last year (seems pretty fair to me).
I called Classic Line as i did not know about SEC discount and they applied that.
I then upped the agreed valuation number by ?10k and got back to ?1 less than last year, so I have renewed with them.
Thanks for all comments and offers of help- Norm i will still buy you some biscuits when I see you!


22-06-2022, 12:51
SEC discount!!???

I just renewed with Classic Line and wasn't aware :( - how much?

22-06-2022, 13:44
I went to Classic Line whilst still building for Build Insurance, after I discovered that they were about half the price of the previous insurer, and when complete stayed with them for full insurance, but had an issue on value initially.

This was resolved by Norman issuing (as a responsible Officer of the Club) a letter of valuation which they were happy to accept, (I think Norman that was the first one you did). I think that the premium seems to ruffly relate to about ?7 per 1000 at the time. But like others, not aware that they have introduced a Club discount, which is good news as renewal is due shortly.!!!!!


22-06-2022, 15:33
When I was talking to them to get the club recognised by them, I got the impression you got the discount automatically. No harm asking though.

Robin, when talking about "responsible officer....", I think you missed the "ir" off the front :)

Oh, and Steve, glad you got it all sorted. I sometimes think getting insurance is more complicated than building the sodding car....

22-06-2022, 17:49
Interesting stuff. I did get a discount ( me thinks) but as car is registered new Classic Line wouldn?t give an agreed valuation as that only applies to cars over 5 years of age according to person dealing with it. Instead I have a subjective new valuation from them. My renewal is due in 2 months so I?ll pursue the agreed valuation again. Strangely the road going quote was cheaper than the build insurance.

22-06-2022, 18:42
I think that the premium seems to ruffly relate to about ?7 per 1000 at the time. But like others, not aware that they have introduced a Club discount, which is good news as renewal is due shortly.!!!!!


I guess postcode, age and limited mileage, haggling ability and Scottishness must play a significant part as I've just done the math and I'm paying ?2.30 per 1000 of cover.

18-07-2022, 17:15
Bumpity bump incase anyone searches for insurance .....

I just got my renewal notification in from Footman James for an agreed value considerably over 6 figures, 3k miles a year all for a premium of just over ?255 / year.

I gave Classic Line a call and the best they could do for a comparable quote was over ?1100 / year.

I guess I'll stick with Footman James.

18-07-2022, 18:40
Thanks Jim, I may be giving them a call, re my car, but I shouldn't let FJ see the Photoshop image with that quote if I were you!!!

18-07-2022, 20:49
Ach, that photo won't concern them.
Not sure what they might make of the one where I'm underwater joining in the Hunt for Red October tho!!

Hopefully FJ manage to Quote you Happy

01-08-2022, 17:05
Following the advice above I called FJ about a quote.
I said quite a high valuation which they seemed happy with and including all the other bits and bobs (valuation fee, motor recovery, their fee etc), it will knock ?100 off my current insurance and nearly double the valuation. Total ?299.05

NB the number I suggested to ClassicLine, they were happy to go with it, but i just said that number as it came to mind at the time. Looking at the ads that are flying about, I would suggest it might be considerable too low.

No offence to any of the forum, but I don't think I would pay the sort of numbers flying around on a some of the web adverts for my car or any replica (as I don't have enough spare money to be able to justify it to myself) but I suppose this is now a case of rarity rather than intrinsic value - in the same way old Nintendo N64 game cartridges sell for ?100 yet when the kids and i played them they were ?5. They are just a plastic case and some memory.

The only thing i need to do now is get someone in the club (who has not worked on the car) to fill in a valuation form and suggest a ?number

Would anyone who will be at Silverstone on Sunday 28th be partial to a bacon sandwich and give my car the once over.

Some of the ?numbers removed as this section is public


01-08-2022, 18:02
Steve, you normally need a club official to give a valuation that'll be accepted by an insurance company. We've done several of these now so if you want it for your car, let me know....you're not too far from me so we could maybe meet up somewhere. But if you want to knock something up with someone at Silverstone, and they'll accept that, fill yer boots! (Although maybe you could save y'self the expense of the Silverstone trip and stop someone random in the street and ask them? :) )

As for the actual values themselves - as you've noticed, they've risen a lot in recent years. And many replicas - not just Strats - are well north of ?100K now.....and yes it is also intrinsic value. Just because something is of a simple construction doesn't mean it's cheap! I mean, why is a Kirkham Cobra rep worth what it is?

01-08-2022, 18:46
I have edited some of the text in my post and removed some of the ?numbers because this section of the forum is public.

Thanks for the offer. I am booked for Silverstone on the Sunday so if any of the club officials are there and would be prepared to do it (whatever it is?) that would be great.
If not, yes it would be great to meet somewhere and I can treat you to some lunch.


01-08-2022, 19:19
I recommend Norm's valuation services.
I went in with a car worth about ?50k and came away almost a milliner.
Hats off to Norm. ;)

01-08-2022, 19:43
Well funnily enough, it's hats wot milliners make.... and yes, Jim ended up with more than one. In fact he's a 2-hat. But a lorra peeps already knew that :) :)

02-08-2022, 15:49
Having availed myself of Norms valuation services and a nice day out with lunch. I have gone with FJ too. Very competitive I have added full breakdown cover as going to Spa in November(+?75) and the option to have the salvage should the worst happen at no reduction in agreed value payout (+?35). You can also add track day cover for ?60 but the excess is 10% of the valuation but guess its better than nothing if your planning to have ago.