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25-08-2022, 15:44
Hello, I am going to do my own true home build chassis suspension Stratos Grp4, after several decades restoring and rebuilding historic race cars last 25yrs in the USA its about time I finally get around to one for myself, setting myself target time 3-5 yrs

25-08-2022, 16:24
Hi Sean, welcome!
That sounds like an interesting project - keep us updated on how it's going! Decided on the basics yet, i.e. engine/box, colours, etc?

25-08-2022, 16:38
Since getting to local car shows post moving up North (nearly 3 years ago and then lockdown), more and more people wander up and then claim they know where the Corse chassis jigs are in Keighley.
Do you want me to see if I can find out any more

25-08-2022, 17:43
loosely Alfa 24v quaife sequential TBI Fueltech ECU Lime green bronze Marvic's

25-08-2022, 17:49
Thanks but sorry i do not really understand Corse chassis, I have my own chassis table so i do not want to pay others for welding what can do for myself, since that is my business
if you see where I am coming from with the wait times and cost from the vendors.

25-08-2022, 18:41
Sounds like you've got a definite spec you're aiming for. What about the body....if you're not doing your own then your chassis will have to allow for mounting whichever one you acquire?

26-08-2022, 15:54

I hope to see John Cross of Xsport Racing car body and moulds next week his is the car that races in the Retro Rally Sport series, in case you not aware of it, failing that i probably go next Kits De Fibra in Spain unless their is another source that is not 2 years wait, both offer Kevlar / Carbon reinforced bodies