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19-12-2022, 23:05
Hi Lancia Fans....i've being a lancia fun for many years, my uncle used to race in a Lancia Delta ( Jorge Recalde) , i have a Delta Int 16v and a Fulvia.
I'm looking to buy a Stratos Replica to use it for Rally or Legend events....
My first question is , which do you think is better the LB or the Hawk? Then is any of these cars in the US , ( LHD) that i can test Drive? Finally do you know if there is any for Sale?

I hope this forum can be a good advice and supporting info , so i can buy my next car....i will trust on your comments and feedback.

All the best

19-12-2022, 23:15
Hi Luciano, great to have you with us, I am sure you will get informative answers from members on the forum.

Guy Mayers
19-12-2022, 23:30
Which is better... that's a can of worms nobody is going to open. Any of the replicas, set up properly, will probably drive beyond your limits.

Someone else also asked recently for a car in US and test drive availability. Nobody stepped forward but I'd be surprised if any owner would let anyone else drive a car they've spent anything up to 3 years building. Passenger rides aren't likely to be an issue except for the travel likely to be involved in getting to one, whereabouts are you? Having said that, numbers in the US and Canada are limited.

LB have closed their order book. Hawk Cars are at almost 3 years for delivery of a kit. Therefore the most likely source for a car is a part built kit or second hand one.

The best source for kits is this site via full membership which gives access to the buy and sell pages. If anyone has or spots a car for sale they tend to get published here first - no advertising costs.

In the past few months an old Corse kit surfaced on Facebook and has sold. I have just sold a part built kit. Prices are higher that ever due to demand and lack of supply. Both these kits were right hand drive.

There is one kit currently available that I am aware of that might fit your requirements but it's priced at approximately $110,000 and if that doesn't put you off it's in Norway and you'll have to import it to the USA if that's possible. It's probably less than 2 years since the build was completed on a lovely LB with Alfa power, Stradale interior and Group4 bodywork.

Congratulations on the current ownership of two icons in the Delta & Fulvia! I hope you manage to achieve your dream of owning a Stratos!

Should your budget be a whole factor higher I can put you in touch with the owner of an original car with Lancia Works history.


20-12-2022, 22:17
Understood... and also i believe each person has their own favorite

it looks that there are not so many in the US....anyway i will be in touch to find someone near me or test it in the UK

Second hand i see is the best option.... but will see with Hawk if i can enter in the list.

OK understood the F/Memb.

like i said...even if i have the budget, dont want to race in a 500K car....that is why i think that a replica will fit what im looking for.

Lets continue sharing this Lancia Passion and i hope i can be a Stratos owner soon.

All the best Guy.!!

Guy Mayers
21-12-2022, 08:59
You may not be aware of Gerry's "tin cars" - he is developing a kit with a steel chassis/tub identical to the original car, engine choice is limited to Ferrari Dino 2.4. Prices are not yet available but I would expect a budget in excess of ?200k would be needed to build one. He has two chassis under build at the moment, one will be a factory demonstrator, the other is currently available as far as I know but won't be released until all components are sourced or developed. Should this be of interest please contact Hawk Cars.


21-12-2022, 15:41
Thanks Guy for your answer
I was not aware about Gerry's car. Good for him that can build those and bring more Stratos in the market. I don't think that 200+K will worth a Stratos Replica. In the replica market you can't pay more than 15-25 % of the total value of a Orig Car, Stratos are on 450-550K$....At the beginning these kit cars were 50K , now a days they are on the 100K ( which i will consider top price )..... I've sold 2 orig Stratos 500K average....I'm a partner of a Classic and Exotic dealer called thebarnmiami.com , so we have a couple clients always looking for classic cars from the 60-80's and some are Rally fanatics :).
I contact Hawk cars and like you said waiting time 3 years.....so I'm on the decision of build a new one or wait to see if i can buy a used one.

i will become a full member to be on top of the news and possible sales.....

thanks again for your info, knowledge and support!!!

Guy Mayers
21-12-2022, 16:24
You're welcome, good luck with the search! If you have a client looking for an Ex Works car drop me a PM.

Stratos Fear
22-12-2022, 10:53
Guy - didnt know Dave Hanman was selling his?

Guy Mayers
22-12-2022, 14:26
It's on hold for now. Maybe next year.

22-12-2022, 14:53
HI Lucho, Hope you find want you are looking for, keep your eyes peeled on here and ebay motors UK as there have been several unfinished projects sold recently
Regards Sean