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28-01-2012, 12:08
Hi all

Had my Hawk Kit for a couple of years and still building for competition work. Great site and I was pleased to find it after the supersite closed. Some amazing hard work by people on thier cars. Well done with the website, and so important to have technical help and advice from others with these pojects and kits.

Look forward to talking to you all at some stage.

Im an F1 design engineer and also designed he Caparo T1 track car, so if I can help anyone or any quesions on composites , drop me aline.



28-01-2012, 18:25
Welcome aboard, I look forward to seeing your build, post some photos when you get a chance. My first job was in F1 but that was back in the day when the tub was made out of pop riveted aluminium honeycomb! The technology used in those cars now is mind blowing.

I agree the new forum seems to be going from strength to strength but it's only as good as the information people care to input and share so don't be a stranger.

Should be quite a few cars at this years Race Retro event at Stoneleigh, pop up and say hi if you get a chance.


29-01-2012, 11:55
Hi Vince,
thank you for the warm welcome to SEC.
I expect your skills in aluminium chassis's has come in handy for for Stratos build. F1 Much morre fun back then than now, far too compliated these days.
Graham Bates has mentioned your name to me a few times and said you had a great car. Looking at the pics on the site, looks impressive and must have taken you a long time, the detail you have gone to is comendable.
I will try and get to Stoneleigh, guess it depends if McLaren are doing well or not as to how much free time I will get off work.

I still have a fair way to go on mine, engine costs are quite draining, sourcing through AHM, just takes for ages to get parts. Just designed and had made some great Dampers from Nitron, not cheap and I know not original, but a must for hill climbs., will try and post some pics.

Looking forwad to meeting and seeing all your hard work!


29-01-2012, 12:19
Hi Graham,

I wonder if you might know Clive Nicholson, I think he's still at McLaren, he's a bit of a character, if you do say hi from me, he should remember me from when we worked at Xtrac a while ago. Back then I had a yellow Integrale which I wish I'd never sold. I also worked with a mechanic named Michael Negline (Aussie chap) when I was at Schuppans, I think he's worked his way up the ranks at McLaren a bit now?

It'll be interesting to see what sort of high spec parts you'll be adding to your car, sounds like you're going for it, totally justified (as far as the wallets concerned) as it's being built specifically for high climbs.


30-01-2012, 22:01
Hi Vince

Yes I know Clive well. Spoke to him today and he had some great stories to tell about you and your love of Star Wars. He mentioned that you tried F1 and found it boring. Have to agree you work sounds excellent fun and very creative. think the best time in my career was doing the McLaren F1 with Gordon Murray and the GTR le-mans Cars, team of 12 designers, perfect size, unlike the hord it takes to do an F1 car these days. Clives doing OK tho, still on gearboxes and living the dream. Clive was telling me about the time you had a ferrari!

As for the Integrale, great cars would love one in my collection too. Certainly going up in money these days for sure. I had a lovely grp 4 escort, brand new by the time it was built, BDG and ZF box the lot. Had to sell it when I was made redundant, will kick myself for ever for having to let it go. probably worth 100K now.

Had a look at you engine fire up on U tube! great sound from those beautifully made exhausts. They do look great! Would be great to meet up and talk shop.