View Full Version : This car wants to kill you

02-04-2023, 18:16
Just found this This Car Wants to Kill You: The Lancia Stratos ? BTS with DTS ? Ep. 14 - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ7iAkzx8Nc)

Guy Mayers
04-04-2023, 16:53
I really enjoyed that. I think he got the Stratos.

Might go for a drive later, wish we had those roads around here.

27-04-2023, 12:41
The car video is shot on a different level! This car design is one of my absolute favorites. Thank you for sharing such a fantastic video.

27-04-2023, 21:42
Having just completed my first 1000 miles in the Hawk, I completely echo Derek Hyphens comments, exactly how I felt, luckily for me I told my wife the Stratos emotions, then DTS released the video and said the same thing I had bored Helen with!!!

Yep, everything else is rubbish.

28-04-2023, 10:41
It's amazing. What a coincidence!