View Full Version : Hi All, Introducing myself as a new addict

19-07-2023, 15:53
I should have started here
It is a very long time, I am fan of the Startos for its incredible design(a bit "Space" or really Badass as the Americans would say).
When I was student , I was living in a little village 50km southwest from Paris, called Saint Fargeau close to a little city called Ponthierry and the only restaurant there was "La bonne Auberge":
The owner of this restaurant name was an Italian Mr Urbano V... he was driving mostly Porsches, but one of his best friend's name was Bernard Darniche.
I saw him only a few time when he was visiting his friend, but he never came with a Stratos.

PS, Please be indulgent for potential mistake in "Etiquette" , as this website forum looks a bit complicated for a rooky like me.

Stratos Fear
19-07-2023, 16:24
Hi Erwan - dont worry about the etiquette thing , we're all pretty friendly here and like to welcome new members - and especially ones with stories and memories of the great days of rallying !

19-07-2023, 17:01
You might like my car then.
A man came up to me at a recent car show and asked in a French accent "Do you know Bernard then".
"Sadly not" I replied.