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23-01-2024, 17:54
Lifelong Italian car nut here. I've thought for a number of years about doing a Stratos replica; and have accumulated a number of parts in preparation for that project (Alfa Busso engine and trans; X1/9 parts; Stratos gages.
Now I'm approaching retirement, and the reality of ordering a kit is getting real. Last I heard, LB cars is doing only completed cars; so that leaves the Hawk.

Is there a single source of information for things to know before getting into this project? Tips to make assembly easier? Best parts sources (brakes/struts/ etc?)
Also, just for clarity, would the Hawk use the X1/9 pedal assembly? I have read recently that it does, but don't recall seeing that in the Hawk literature.

My engine is a 3.0L 12 valve. I'm planning to build it to a pretty high performance spec: High compression pistons/ head work/ hot cams/ ITBs/ custom exhaust headers; shooting for about 280HP.

23-01-2024, 18:00
Congratulations on joining and welcome.
If you dig through this site there is an alternative parts section with lots of info, or if you cant find anything just ask.
There are lots of anoraks (British term) who will chip and help you