View Full Version : Silverstone classic booking code

Ken Tomblin
29-03-2012, 12:35
SILVERSTONE CLASSIC 2FOR1 OFFER BOOKING CODE IS C12166 (This offer closes on 30/03/12)

29-03-2012, 14:36
You only need the booking code if you require additional tickets (more than the 2FOR1). You will get the 2FOR1 from Ken.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

'Just to avoid someone to do what I stupidly did last year.

29-03-2012, 21:17
Hi Ken, does this code also discount the camping?
Last year I paid 23 for 2 nights, but it looks like being 40 this year.


Ken Tomblin
12-04-2012, 13:09
Hi Tim

There are no discounts on the camp site

Regards Ken

Ken Tomblin
12-04-2012, 13:14
The 2 for 1 booking code offer is still available until the 31/05/12 but cost has increased by 5.00

Regards Ken

12-04-2012, 14:15
Hi Ken,

When do you want payment for the 2for1 deal you have purchased for the existing list?


12-04-2012, 17:22
Hi Ken,

Typical it looks like I can make this now am I too late to get a pair of discounted tickets for the weekend?