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    There is one, its 50 i paid 20 for mine.....
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    No problem for an aftermarket ECU as you set the throttle pot range when calibratng the pedal...Bosch 0280 752 027. there are some other numbers as well I think, but will need to check...
    None on Ebay at the moment - but any Pot will do....
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    That shouldn't be a problem for the ECU as the analogue input for the pot range should be configurable with no problems............................what is the part number ?
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    Main Reason was price and availability... Half the price of an alfa one and there was one on ebay.....
    The Vauxhall one works in the opposite direction to the alfa one which i didnt know , but it makes for a better installation... for me.
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    I have put my order in for a ListerBell Throttle Pedal Kit as well. Is there any reason that you went for the Vauxhall Pot other thn a neat installation ?
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    New Tank Instaled - and it wont be out again
    Its foam filled with a collector inside for the fuel pickup & the fuel return has an internal pipe back to the vicinity on the collector. Another Smashing Job from Alloy Racing Fabrications.

    Also seen on the picture at the right is the relocated lift pump ( chrome & red) & the repositioned Charge cooler pump.

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    Not smart enough to specify measurements. Performance unlimited do my piston designs. They scanned a standard GTA piston for my last set of pistons and re modeled it for the CR I asked for - this set are based on the last set but with 3cc material removed from the crown to drop the CR slightly. Also with a coated skirt & total seal rings...
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    Looking good Neil, did you specify the measurements or were they off the shelf items......
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    One question............................... Does the wife know ??????................................................................................. Thought not !! LOL
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    Mine is only a baby compared to yours and I need to strip and rebuild it first the table is about as level as my lawn!
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    Most of the clamping pictured ok, but you shoud really have a minimum of 2 clamps on everything not like the piece on the rotary table.

    Clamping a gearbox as shown below will work, but you need to be extra carefull with the depth of cut and feed rate..... its only held by the alloy plate indicated, with the plate bolted to the box.... Also the milling machine head is nearly off the top of the pillar to get the cutter high enough!

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    Looks great Neil and thanks for the pics gives me some clues on how to clamp parts down correctly.
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    Some of the machining......

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    The mounting bolts in the sides are temporary & will be replaced by some nicer looking ones, Possibly with a couple more at the bottom....
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    Waouhhhh !!
    well done Neil
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Slug
    Is that your cad-cam program Neil
    I wish my 3D cad skills are non existant. Its from Performance Unlimited - their piston design CAD.
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    Is that your cad-cam program Neil
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    So CJ I am not as daft as I always assume I am....... No comments required from anyone else thank you !

    the right foot....... Keep pressin' Neil !
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    As you were Phil. Neil says it's real.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ducatiman
    Neil a couple of questions:
    1. Have you heard of any recommended flows stated for non-turbo engines ?
    2. If the cooling flow is too fast through the engine then there could be a danger of reduced heat transfer from the engine to the cooling fluid due to the high velocity, so there must be an optimum flow.......................
    3. Are these pumps a direct replacement in pipe size ?
    4. I will aslo assume an increase in power for the pump motor.
    Hi Andy,
    1) The recommended flow i was given didnt actually specify a turbo engine, i just assumed. Also it was for an ideal world! I have also seen somewhere that the flow should be 1/3 of the BHP/minute. i.e. 300BHP = 100l/min.
    2) I see what you are saying about the heat transfer, but the idea is to stop localised boiling, steam pockets & zero heat transfer. Heat transfer will be rduced per cc of water passing, but it will pass faster, so there will be more heat exchanges fo a given time & the differentilal temperature between the engine and teh water will be on average lower, so it may improve cooling... especially if you avoid steam bubbles.
    I dont think its such an issue with your engine, as you have only around half of the specific output of my engine, so half the heat to deal with....
    3) size wise they are not a direct replacement, as the inlet and outlet are inline instead of 90 deg. Pump inlet/outlet is 45mm on my pump. Length is 160mm & pump diameter is 112mm. The controller box can be remote mounted. (note controller is not a speed controller, it is just to run the pump, as it is a brushless motor. Pump runs at continous speed)
    4) current draw is quoted as under 10A, so the same as the DC pump.

    I have mailed you the paperwork that came with the pump....
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