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  1. turbonutter's Avatar
    This is the real thing - Testing is complete - unless you see ians test blog again...

    Phil - A lighter right foot wouldnt help - i would just press harder on the lous pedal. My new tuner also suggested maybe less power, but that is not really an option is it..... OK maybe max 550 at the flywheel, just to take the edge off
  2. Bernard's Avatar
    I know nothing !!!
  3. ProtoTipo's Avatar
    Or maybe not?
  4. ProtoTipo's Avatar

    This might be one of Ian's test blogs?
    I'm not sure?
  5. ducatiman's Avatar
    Neil a couple of questions:
    1. Have you heard of any recommended flows stated for non-turbo engines ?
    2. If the cooling flow is too fast through the engine then there could be a danger of reduced heat transfer from the engine to the cooling fluid due to the high velocity, so there must be an optimum flow.......................
    3. Are these pumps a direct replacement in pipe size ?
    4. I will aslo assume an increase in power for the pump motor.
  6. Bernard's Avatar

    Have you thought of purchasing a lighter right foot ??.......... It would be cheaper (but not so much fun)

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