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NS Corse Turbo

This Blog will Continue from where the Corse Turbo Thread Ended, Starting with the Engine Blow up and Rebuild.

  1. Fly By Wire Throttle

    Just installed the new throttle pedal for Fly by Wire with my New ECU.

    Nice Pedal from Lister Bell - Throttle Pedal Pot is Vauxhall.

    Name:  pedal bracket.jpg
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    Name:  pedal.jpg
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  2. New gear lever

    Finally I managed to get all of the new gear lever parts together after Anodizing and powder coating.

    Just a couple of Rose joint spacers to male up and its done...

    Name:  GL.jpg
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    Name:  GL1.jpg
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    Corse Build , Tranmission
  3. Traction Control Wheels

    Some progress with The traction control wheel Installation,

    Front brackets test fitted, they just need tidying up a bit..

    Name:  TC Front left.jpg
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    Name:  TC Front right.jpg
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    The front was nice and simple, but the rears have to use CV joint trigger wheels, these I had to chamfer on the inner bore to fit over the cv joint cover. Next the bracket, but that will need a bit more thought than the front ones.....

    Name:  TC cv joint.jpg
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    Updated 01-06-2014 at 22:22 by turbonutter

    Corse Build
  4. Traction Control

    My New ECU has Traction control Built in, so I just need the wheel sensors.

    Got some trigger wheels that fit the brake discs at the front and on the CV joints at the rear.

    Name:  Traction Control Discs.jpg
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    Name:  Front Disc TC Wheel.jpg
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    Mocked up the brackets today, just need to convert the alloy patterns to 3mm Stainless...
  5. Fuel Tank

    Picked up the new fuel tank Today (well most of it). Its just tacked toether to see if it is possible to get it in and out ok, before the final welding.
    It went in easy, so it is now marked for brackets & can be completed once I take it back to ARF tomorrow.

    Name:  P5270169.jpg
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    Corse Build
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