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NS Corse Turbo

This Blog will Continue from where the Corse Turbo Thread Ended, Starting with the Engine Blow up and Rebuild.

  1. New Pistons

    Well Finally Home Again and the new pistons & total seal rings were waiting for me

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    Name:  new pistons 1.jpg
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    Time to box them up and send them to Vibration free to have a little weight removed - As even though they are lower compression they weigh 7grm heavier!

    Hopefully Coning the Gudgeon pins will remove enough weight. The reason for having the pistons matched to the weight of the old ones is to avoid having ...
  2. Inside the boxes

    It looks like my photos of the contents didnt upload, so lets try again.

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    Now to power up the ECU.....
  3. Some Shopping

    Managed to pick up the shopping when we finally got to Houston

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    Just need to work out how to carry it all home
  4. New Gear Lever

    I picked up the new support tower for the Gear lever I made this week from Alloy Racing Fabrications, its made from 3mm alloy so should be strong enough!

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    Just need to finish off the linkage at the stick end, the modification at the box end to reverse the throw has been completed.
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    Lets hope it ...
  5. Lower Compression Pistons

    Just Ordered new pistons to replace the damaged ones, these have a deeper dish, now 5.2mm deep, to drop the compression ratio to ~8.3:1. Pistons will have coated skirts & Total seal rings.

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