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  1. New Parts - New Battery

    Picked up a new battery at Autosport, on Odyssey PC950, this will mount inside the crossmember in the cabin on the passsenger side - freeing up space for other things in the front of the car. Also fitting a "normal" isolator switch as my fancy electrical one has failed....

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    Name:  odyssey.jpg
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    Just waiting for a nice mounting bracket to be made up to hold it secuerly in place.

    Also picked up some custom ...

    Updated 13-01-2014 at 22:18 by turbonutter (add photo)

  2. Blyton track day

    I guess the best Place to start is with the departure from Blyton after the head gasket Blew.

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    Thanks to Chris for the photo
  3. Starting my Blog

    I have now deleted all of the testing posts & will Start my blog propper here when I get chance, for now you can see the links at the top of the page to my example custom pages.
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