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  1. New Turbo.......

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    Not the best welding, but it will work well enough to run the engine without the turbo, fo rthe first mapping session
    Corse Build , Engines
  2. Wiring Harness

    Wiring Harness for the engine is now complete & should be with me This week, then I can get on with the chassis connections....
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    Corse Build , Engines , Electrical
  3. Tidy up Under the front

    One of the changes I made while the car was off the road was to tidy up under the front clam - the main reason for this was to make room to install an Anti Roll bar and to make space for a Water/MEOH tank. The water/MEOH tank & W.I. injection system wont be fitted unless it is the only way to keep the inlet temps down, but at least there is plenty of space for one.

    two DC pumps replaced with one Stewart Components pumps. Battery removed, Anti Roll bar mounted, ...
    Corse Build
  4. New gear lever

    Finally I managed to get all of the new gear lever parts together after Anodizing and powder coating.

    Just a couple of Rose joint spacers to male up and its done...

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    Corse Build , Tranmission
  5. Traction Control Wheels

    Some progress with The traction control wheel Installation,

    Front brackets test fitted, they just need tidying up a bit..

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    The front was nice and simple, but the rears have to use CV joint trigger wheels, these I had to chamfer on the inner bore to fit over the cv joint cover. Next the bracket, but that will need a bit more thought than the front ones.....

    Name:  TC cv joint.jpg
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    Corse Build
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