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  1. Coolers & Pipework Installation

    Started on the installation of the cooling system. The original design has been changed after several good emails with other members of the forum. I originally had one electric pump in the return line to the radator and one in the feed to the engine, mainly as this gave a nice clean installation. This has now changed so that both the pumps will be in the feed line to the engine, the main reason for the change is ensuring that the operation of the expansion tank feeding into the suction side of the ...
  2. LHD Steering Brackets Welded in Place

    Manufactured an identical set of Steering Column and Support brackets which have now been welded in place for the LHD Option.

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  3. Installation of Borrowed Exhaust Headers

    John (strat24V) has been kind enough to lend me his exhaust headers to have a look at the initial installation on my engine to see what room and space is available. I will be using the same fabricator for the exhaust system.

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    A couple of obvious items to make sure that are installed before the manufacture of the exhaust system is the oil filter and also the rear anti-roll bar.
  4. Thermostat Housing Installed

    As mentioned at the AGM it was recommended by myself that it would be good if members started using the blogs for the build history - So I will lead by example and now start adding the build record. Any interesting info will remain in the forum threads..................

    All the O-rings arrived from Alfa Workshop so these were installed and lightly greased to allow the installation of the thermostat housing. Discovered also that the thread for the thermostat housing is M7, after ...

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  5. Uprated Lower Ball Joint

    While looking for various components on the suspension I have purchased the following Lower Ball Joint from Race Tech Direct who are specialist TVR dealers. After reading various articles are forums it became clear that some of the TVR's used this item as standard. There had been a couple of failures due to people installing cheap items.

    Below are the details from the supplier and their details on the web page if anybody else is interested. Retail price is 48 + VAT.

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