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  1. New Parts - New Battery

    Picked up a new battery at Autosport, on Odyssey PC950, this will mount inside the crossmember in the cabin on the passsenger side - freeing up space for other things in the front of the car. Also fitting a "normal" isolator switch as my fancy electrical one has failed....

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    Just waiting for a nice mounting bracket to be made up to hold it secuerly in place.

    Also picked up some custom ...

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  2. Mechanical water pump

    As I said before (I think) I will be using a mechanical pump again, so I have the new GTA pump, complete with metal impeller, thought I would check that it fits to be sure it is the right pump, It fits ok, but when fitting the pulley , it dosent line up with the crank pulley.......

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    Of course this is due to me using a 164 24V crank pulley, as this has the crank trigger wheel, I did think of ordering a 164 pump, but that probably woyldnt fit to ...
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  3. Uprated Lower Ball Joint

    While looking for various components on the suspension I have purchased the following Lower Ball Joint from Race Tech Direct who are specialist TVR dealers. After reading various articles are forums it became clear that some of the TVR's used this item as standard. There had been a couple of failures due to people installing cheap items.

    Below are the details from the supplier and their details on the web page if anybody else is interested. Retail price is 48 + VAT.

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  4. Cooling my Turbo Engine

    One of the things that came up in convevrsation was coolant flow which in an ideal world, needs to be in the region of 1L/min/kw to stop localised boiling - well as i Have over 350Kw it is doubtfull that i will find a pump with 350L/min flow, but my DC pumps are rated max 115l/min.
    The figures I was quoted were of course for an ideal world for a turbo engine, but the basic idea is the higher flow the better. A second problem with the DC pumps is that i was running their controller, so at times ...

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  5. Blown Engine - Turbo is OK

    On the plus side of things I got to inspect the turbo charger Turbine wheel & that looks to be in good condition, so no worries about running lean like i had with the last car.

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