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  1. Blown Engine - The damage

    The Reason for the tow truck home from Blyton was a blown head gasket....

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    You can see above the result of detonation - my mistake for not realizing what i was hearing
    But ok my hearing shouldnt make the engine blow up should it! Having Had a few discussions regarding the blow up with people with more knowledge than me, i think i now know the cause, which will be addressed during the rebuild.

    Corse Build , Engines
  2. General Update

    Another update....................

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  3. Blyton track day

    I guess the best Place to start is with the departure from Blyton after the head gasket Blew.

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    Thanks to Chris for the photo
  4. Starting my Blog

    I have now deleted all of the testing posts & will Start my blog propper here when I get chance, for now you can see the links at the top of the page to my example custom pages.
  5. Viewing The Blogs

    Start by selecting the Blogs Tab

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    This takes you to the Blog section - recent posts, and much like the main forum. As you scroll down you see all the most recent posts from all the blogs.

    To view a particular personís blog in full, once you are in the Blog section, select the Member Blogs.

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    Then choose the blog you would like to read, by clicking on the Title.

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