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  1. Traction Control

    My New ECU has Traction control Built in, so I just need the wheel sensors.

    Got some trigger wheels that fit the brake discs at the front and on the CV joints at the rear.

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    Mocked up the brackets today, just need to convert the alloy patterns to 3mm Stainless...
  2. Fuel Tank

    Picked up the new fuel tank Today (well most of it). Its just tacked toether to see if it is possible to get it in and out ok, before the final welding.
    It went in easy, so it is now marked for brackets & can be completed once I take it back to ARF tomorrow.

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    Corse Build
  3. New Pistons

    Well Finally Home Again and the new pistons & total seal rings were waiting for me

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    Time to box them up and send them to Vibration free to have a little weight removed - As even though they are lower compression they weigh 7grm heavier!

    Hopefully Coning the Gudgeon pins will remove enough weight. The reason for having the pistons matched to the weight of the old ones is to avoid having ...
  4. LHD Steering Brackets Welded in Place

    Manufactured an identical set of Steering Column and Support brackets which have now been welded in place for the LHD Option.

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  5. Installation of Borrowed Exhaust Headers

    John (strat24V) has been kind enough to lend me his exhaust headers to have a look at the initial installation on my engine to see what room and space is available. I will be using the same fabricator for the exhaust system.

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    A couple of obvious items to make sure that are installed before the manufacture of the exhaust system is the oil filter and also the rear anti-roll bar.
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