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  1. How you lakkerer the car

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    Sometimes so the car needs for ålakkeres. You may have received an annoying scratch, or durett and simply feel that it is time to run around in a nyfarge. We have found some good advice to those, who contemplate etfargeskifte.

    What you need

    For the first, so you need time. Masses avtid. To paint the car takes namely a long time, and you are going to have to væretålmodig. Haste is lastverk, and it can clearly be seen påresultatet.
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  2. Water Injection

    Not quite finished yet, but to help with reducing exhaust temperatures & a little with the charge cooling, the latest addition to my car is water Injection, this shouldalso once proven allow a little more horsepower, around 525BHP, safely

    The tank and pump are in the boot, with the solenoid and nozzle on the boost pipe (taped in place for now)

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    The system ...
  3. Rolling Road with Turbo

    Ok Just back from a quick power run on John Sleath's Rolling Road.

    I am being conservative for a while and just running 1bar boost (I must be getting old), but still getting decent numbers..

    473BHP & 460lb ft

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    And here it is compared to the run without the turbo

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  4. On The Road Again

    Well Finally its back on the road - only 16months after the head gasket went.

    OK no turbo installed at the moment, but its on the road - MOT passed without issue Yesterday, that despite having a small number plare on the front and a speedo that was reading 4x road speed - I had forgotten to change the number plate and to re-calibrate the speedo for the new trigger wheel..

    Car drives well on the new ECU, just a bit of hunting at idle speed to sort out from a driving point ...
  5. Rolling Road Video

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