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  1. New Gear Lever

    I picked up the new support tower for the Gear lever I made this week from Alloy Racing Fabrications, its made from 3mm alloy so should be strong enough!

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    Just need to finish off the linkage at the stick end, the modification at the box end to reverse the throw has been completed.
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    Lets hope it ...
  2. Lower Compression Pistons

    Just Ordered new pistons to replace the damaged ones, these have a deeper dish, now 5.2mm deep, to drop the compression ratio to ~8.3:1. Pistons will have coated skirts & Total seal rings.

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  3. New Fuel Tank

    New Fuel Tank Designed, Has 10+ litres extra capacity, so might stop me running out...

    Some addons to check for space..
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    From which the design evolved to make the tank.

    This is a half scale model in paper.

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    Full size tank will be alloy and foam filled.

    The new tank will be deeper, so does anyone know if the VDO dip tube senders can ...
  4. New Parts - New Battery

    Picked up a new battery at Autosport, on Odyssey PC950, this will mount inside the crossmember in the cabin on the passsenger side - freeing up space for other things in the front of the car. Also fitting a "normal" isolator switch as my fancy electrical one has failed....

    Name:  odyssey PC950.jpg
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    Just waiting for a nice mounting bracket to be made up to hold it secuerly in place.

    Also picked up some custom ...

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  5. Mechanical water pump

    As I said before (I think) I will be using a mechanical pump again, so I have the new GTA pump, complete with metal impeller, thought I would check that it fits to be sure it is the right pump, It fits ok, but when fitting the pulley , it dosent line up with the crank pulley.......

    Name:  gta pulley 1.jpg
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    Of course this is due to me using a 164 24V crank pulley, as this has the crank trigger wheel, I did think of ordering a 164 pump, but that probably woyldnt fit to ...
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