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  1. Blyton track day

    I guess the best Place to start is with the departure from Blyton after the head gasket Blew.

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    Thanks to Chris for the photo
  2. Starting my Blog

    I have now deleted all of the testing posts & will Start my blog propper here when I get chance, for now you can see the links at the top of the page to my example custom pages.
  3. Viewing The Blogs

    Start by selecting the Blogs Tab

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    This takes you to the Blog section - recent posts, and much like the main forum. As you scroll down you see all the most recent posts from all the blogs.

    To view a particular person’s blog in full, once you are in the Blog section, select the Member Blogs.

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    Then choose the blog you would like to read, by clicking on the Title.

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  4. Making Your Own Blog.

    Each forum member is able to make one blog.
    The default name for your blog is your username, as seen here for ducatiman or if you like you can change the title in Blog Settings. In the settings, you can also add a blog description which will appear below the title.

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    Each time you create a new post in the blog, it is added to your blog in chronological order – newest at the top.


    When you create a post,

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  5. Custom Pages for your Blog and other tips..


    Also on the blog settings page you can create up to 5 custom pages. Once created, these pages can be accessed from tabs at the top of the thread or from a list on the side bar depending on where you choose to place the links. These pages could be used for a car specification page, or a photo gallery, or anything else you can think of.

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    You can also choose what is displayed on the side bar: ...

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