• Uh Oh - Spaghetti Oh!

      Andrea went away to see her Mum for a week last Thursday so I thought, here's an opportunity to do something I've been meaning to do for a while.
      A rewire.
      The last time I did this was I converted to V6 - back in 1995 I think - and it's had numerous modifications since then and was only ever a rehash of the twin cam loom. Since then the alarm and central locking system has become temperamental (and I can't get a replacement fob!), the attempt at ABS has been aborted but left the majority of the loom in the car and the dash has been changed to Gp4. Electrical connections in the front and rear clam were also becoming corroded and iffy. Then there was the change from 12v to 12v Cloverleaf engine last year and the loom was modified again. With ongoing plans for new Gp4 gauges in an ally dash coming together which will necessitate further mods to the loom it was decision time!
      The only practical way to do this is to remove the whole thing and start again from scratch. Given that I'm working in a (cramped) single garage the simplest thing to do was to remove the door, it came off easily enough and none of the inner panel securing bolts were seized either (must remember to grease them again on reassembly! The only problem encountered is slightly seized hinge pins. I'll soak them and see if they move but it's not too much of a problem yet! The rear bulkhead is out too so whilst I'm at it I'm going to replace the copper brake pipes. Currently I have one one each side by the doors, a legacy of the ABS experiment but I'll return to a single line down the centre of the car to a tee piece now that I've got full access to the bulkhead. And whilst I'm doing that the under dash handbrake is going hydraulic, the temporary one on the centre tunnel is going, being replaced with an electrical system that's on it's way from the States.
      Oh, and then there's the new seats courtesy of David H and the carpeting didn't survive removal as great tufts pulled through the backing and remained glued to the chassis. So, I guess it's going to be cheaper to paint the floorpans black than retrim with new carpet and we might as well put a new bulkhead in as the old one was perforated for the speakers, fuse box and battery cut off switch. I don't think the stereo is going back in!
      Good job I've got two weeks off in February, Andrea is back this weekend and I don't see me putting it back together by then!


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        Yes Guy, looks good.
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