• Hawk Window sliders Mod

      Having seen Craig's winders standing away from the door, and fed up with smashing my finger nails to bits I have wanted to make some winder extensions for a while. I wasn't particularly happy with the rough fibre glass finish on the back of the door, particularly as the slot had been "approximately" cut when initial build took place, passenger side, cut second is perfect, as you very quickly realize that things are inter dependent if you want everything to fit properly.

      Anyway John Whalley had some sets of sliders laser cut for Rene's build and stock, and I inherited a pair, so I was able to mount them on the rear of the panel and they mirror those on the other side. The plug spacer is +40mm, and then the PTFE cone is +41 so that the bottom surface acts as the bearing face when you clamp the window up. As the spacer has male and female ends, the original knob mounts on the spacer. I have put it all together and it all seems all right, but I might get the clamping threaded "tee" piece remade slightly deeper, as the location in the slot is a little tenuous. But so far so good
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