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How you lakkerer the car

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Sometimes so the car needs for ålakkeres. You may have received an annoying scratch, or durett and simply feel that it is time to run around in a nyfarge. We have found some good advice to those, who contemplate etfargeskifte.

What you need

For the first, so you need time. Masses avtid. To paint the car takes namely a long time, and you are going to have to væretålmodig. Haste is lastverk, and it can clearly be seen påresultatet. In addition, you have plenty of space indoors, in each fallher to the country.
In addition, you need sandpaper with grain 1200 og2000, grinding machine, masking tape, compressor and spray gun. Hvisdu to paint with the car's original color, so ask at etbillakkeringsverksted. They find out of it.
Preparation is important

It is important, that the room you lakkerer in erså dust-free as possible. If it collects dust påbilen while you paint, so you will have to start over medslipning.After engodt work it is nice to take a break, drink some coffee, and maybe spillekasino on your phone, see here the list of the best
So, it's time to grind. It is best done isirkulære movements, like all the way down to the metal is visible. Hvisdet are a little pressed for time, so please be at least sure atoverflaten is smooth and clean. Then you should dry the car off with the enren cloth with diluent.
Practice makes perfect

After the car is dry and all the places you ikkevil have painted is covered, so the time has come to åspraylakkere. But before you start to paint the car, then it is smartå try to paint on a surface that is approximately likbilens surface. You'll do this in order to ensure that teknikkener the right, so that it does not come too much varnish on a place. When duendelig start on the car, so be sure to start at the top, before dubeveger you down.
Hopefully then you can finally værefornøyd with the final result, and know that you have save tusenvisav money to do it yourself!

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