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User Guide to the SEC Blog

Making Your Own Blog.

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Each forum member is able to make one blog.
The default name for your blog is your username, as seen here for ducatiman or if you like you can change the title in Blog Settings. In the settings, you can also add a blog description which will appear below the title.

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Each time you create a new post in the blog, it is added to your blog in chronological order – newest at the top.


When you create a post, in the options at the bottom of the post, you can choose to allow members comments or not...

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If you have allowed comments to be made, then in the blog settings, you can choose who can comment in the permissions & privacy settings. (guests are not allowed to comment)

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These settings apply to the whole blog.
i.e. if you have allowed comments on a post, a member can only comment if allowed by the permissions page.
These settings can be changed at any time and will affect all posts in the Blog.
If you didn’t allow comments when you first made the post, checking the box here at a later date will not enable commenting on that post. If you want to enable or disable comments for a particular post you can do so by editing the post and changing the options at the bottom.

Even if you don’t allow comments to the post, you as the blog Author are allowed to make comments.

You can also choose to receive email notification of comments – or not…


When you have finished making the post, there are three Publication options:

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The three options are pretty self-explanatory.
If you select publish on: then you get to a Date and Time that the post will be viewable.
If you choose Draft: Then only you will see the post until you decide to publish it.
If you select Publish then it is published & viewable straight away…

Other than the comments & choosing who can view the posts, making a blog post is just like making a post in the main Forum, you can include pictures & video from the web or your PC, you can attach files etc etc.

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