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User Guide to the SEC Blog

Viewing The Blogs

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Start by selecting the Blogs Tab

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This takes you to the Blog section - recent posts, and much like the main forum. As you scroll down you see all the most recent posts from all the blogs.

To view a particular personís blog in full, once you are in the Blog section, select the Member Blogs.

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Then choose the blog you would like to read, by clicking on the Title.

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This will take you to that personís blog, where you can scroll through the posts Ė newest at the top.
When you scroll down the blog, you see the posts made by the blog owner. At the bottom of the post is displayed the number of comments made on that post. You can read these either by clicking on the post title to open the full post, with the comments at the bottom, or click on the comments to go straight to the comments.

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If you like you can then add your own comment (assuming comments are allowed)
Pictures are allowed in the comments, but only images from the web with a URL. i.e. from the forum album, or from photo bucket etc. You canít attach them directly from your computer.

When viewing a blog post, you can return to the full blog, by clicking the blog name at the top of the pageÖ

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