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Uprated Lower Ball Joint

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While looking for various components on the suspension I have purchased the following Lower Ball Joint from Race Tech Direct who are specialist TVR dealers. After reading various articles are forums it became clear that some of the TVR's used this item as standard. There had been a couple of failures due to people installing cheap items.

Below are the details from the supplier and their details on the web page if anybody else is interested. Retail price is 48 + VAT.

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Ball joint lower front. We are the sole producer of this ball joint as the OE is no longer available. We have manufactured this ball joint to a higher spec. than the OE Ball Joint, using high spec. CNC machines and materials. Ball joint comes complete with a lock nut. WARNING! We have found that cheap aftermarket ball joints are being sold as TVR OE or Aftermarket/ Remanufactured TVR replacement, this is not the case. Our ball joints are manufactured to have the correct articulation (High Angle) for the suspension movement with the cars suspension in droop and over compression, unlike the aftermarket units. We have found that the aftermarket ball joints sold elswhere in the market place have very limited movement and will over stress the ball pin on to the body which could result in component failure.

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