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Blown Engine - The damage

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The Reason for the tow truck home from Blyton was a blown head gasket....

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You can see above the result of detonation - my mistake for not realizing what i was hearing
But ok my hearing shouldnt make the engine blow up should it! Having Had a few discussions regarding the blow up with people with more knowledge than me, i think i now know the cause, which will be addressed during the rebuild.

The pistons were also damaged, so a new set will be required....

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The new ones will have a slightly bigget dish than these to ensure the C/R dosent increase when i skim the heads.

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  1. Bernard's Avatar

    Have you thought of purchasing a lighter right foot ??.......... It would be cheaper (but not so much fun)

  2. ProtoTipo's Avatar

    This might be one of Ian's test blogs?
    I'm not sure?
  3. ProtoTipo's Avatar
    Or maybe not?
  4. Bernard's Avatar
    I know nothing !!!
  5. turbonutter's Avatar
    This is the real thing - Testing is complete - unless you see ians test blog again...

    Phil - A lighter right foot wouldnt help - i would just press harder on the lous pedal. My new tuner also suggested maybe less power, but that is not really an option is it..... OK maybe max 550 at the flywheel, just to take the edge off
  6. ProtoTipo's Avatar
    As you were Phil. Neil says it's real.
  7. Bernard's Avatar
    So CJ I am not as daft as I always assume I am....... No comments required from anyone else thank you !

    the right foot....... Keep pressin' Neil !