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NS Corse Turbo

New Gear Lever

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I picked up the new support tower for the Gear lever I made this week from Alloy Racing Fabrications, its made from 3mm alloy so should be strong enough!

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Just need to finish off the linkage at the stick end, the modification at the box end to reverse the throw has been completed.
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Lets hope it works better than the mr2 stick, as it was quite a lot of work. Once its all sorted and working then its off to the anodizers to turn it all a nice black.

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  1. LM mic's Avatar
    Waouhhhh !!
    well done Neil
    Updated 09-02-2014 at 11:09 by turbonutter (Name correction)
  2. turbonutter's Avatar
    The mounting bolts in the sides are temporary & will be replaced by some nicer looking ones, Possibly with a couple more at the bottom....
  3. turbonutter's Avatar
    Some of the machining......

  4. The Slug's Avatar
    Looks great Neil and thanks for the pics gives me some clues on how to clamp parts down correctly.
  5. turbonutter's Avatar
    Most of the clamping pictured ok, but you shoud really have a minimum of 2 clamps on everything not like the piece on the rotary table.

    Clamping a gearbox as shown below will work, but you need to be extra carefull with the depth of cut and feed rate..... its only held by the alloy plate indicated, with the plate bolted to the box.... Also the milling machine head is nearly off the top of the pillar to get the cutter high enough!

  6. The Slug's Avatar
    Mine is only a baby compared to yours and I need to strip and rebuild it first the table is about as level as my lawn!