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NS Corse Turbo

New Pistons

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Well Finally Home Again and the new pistons & total seal rings were waiting for me

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Time to box them up and send them to Vibration free to have a little weight removed - As even though they are lower compression they weigh 7grm heavier!

Hopefully Coning the Gudgeon pins will remove enough weight. The reason for having the pistons matched to the weight of the old ones is to avoid having to do a full balance on the engine again.

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  1. ducatiman's Avatar
    Looking good Neil, did you specify the measurements or were they off the shelf items......
  2. turbonutter's Avatar
    Not smart enough to specify measurements. Performance unlimited do my piston designs. They scanned a standard GTA piston for my last set of pistons and re modeled it for the CR I asked for - this set are based on the last set but with 3cc material removed from the crown to drop the CR slightly. Also with a coated skirt & total seal rings...