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NS Corse Turbo

Fuel Tank

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Picked up the new fuel tank Today (well most of it). Its just tacked toether to see if it is possible to get it in and out ok, before the final welding.
It went in easy, so it is now marked for brackets & can be completed once I take it back to ARF tomorrow.

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Corse Build


  1. turbonutter's Avatar
    New Tank Instaled - and it wont be out again
    Its foam filled with a collector inside for the fuel pickup & the fuel return has an internal pipe back to the vicinity on the collector. Another Smashing Job from Alloy Racing Fabrications.

    Also seen on the picture at the right is the relocated lift pump ( chrome & red) & the repositioned Charge cooler pump.

  2. turbonutter's Avatar
    I filled up the tank yesterday, and including the swirl pot it now holds a total of 60L fuel. thats a good 30% more than the old tank held, so well worth the effort.

    Checked the level in the tank again today - level was the same, but the fille rhose has bubbled up badly on the inside nearly closing off the hole! So much for fuel resistant hose - The tank is filled with Shell V-Power, so looks like there is something potent in that fuel.....
  3. LM mic's Avatar
    Houch !!! That remind me bad experience at le mans 2006 first practice session when all teams noticed same issue whith big quick filling hoses !!! Total delivered that day a new mix and all pits where leaking dangerously fuel on floor ( what a mess !!!!)
    Seems Shell have added same funny additive now ??????
    Updated 31-10-2014 at 05:55 by LM mic
  4. turbonutter's Avatar
    its not actually leaking, but needs changing for sure! Its a reputable brand as well, so i was surprized!