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NS Corse Turbo

Fly By Wire Throttle

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Just installed the new throttle pedal for Fly by Wire with my New ECU.

Nice Pedal from Lister Bell - Throttle Pedal Pot is Vauxhall.

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  1. ducatiman's Avatar
    I have put my order in for a ListerBell Throttle Pedal Kit as well. Is there any reason that you went for the Vauxhall Pot other thn a neat installation ?
  2. turbonutter's Avatar
    Main Reason was price and availability... Half the price of an alfa one and there was one on ebay.....
    The Vauxhall one works in the opposite direction to the alfa one which i didnt know , but it makes for a better installation... for me.
  3. ducatiman's Avatar
    That shouldn't be a problem for the ECU as the analogue input for the pot range should be configurable with no problems............................what is the part number ?
  4. turbonutter's Avatar
    No problem for an aftermarket ECU as you set the throttle pot range when calibratng the pedal...Bosch 0280 752 027. there are some other numbers as well I think, but will need to check...
    None on Ebay at the moment - but any Pot will do....
  5. turbonutter's Avatar
    There is one, its 50 i paid 20 for mine.....