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Coolers & Pipework Installation

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Started on the installation of the cooling system. The original design has been changed after several good emails with other members of the forum. I originally had one electric pump in the return line to the radator and one in the feed to the engine, mainly as this gave a nice clean installation. This has now changed so that both the pumps will be in the feed line to the engine, the main reason for the change is ensuring that the operation of the expansion tank feeding into the suction side of the first pump.

Purchased the Molcal mounting brackets from Speedflow at the cost of 9:00 a pair:

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But looking at the speedflow website there has now been a warning put up stating not to purchase anything from them......................

Will get the solid bends welded on to the main pipework hopefully next week. I have also just purchased some exhaust heat wrap that will be used on the 32mm cooling pipes down the centre spine to reduce the heat transfer to the cockpit, recommended by another member of the forum.

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