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NS Corse Turbo

Finally got round to he Engine Build....

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As the tiitle, 11months after the head gasket blew at Blyton, I have finally got round to rebuilding the engine, New pistons fitted with Total seal rings, New gasket set, re used all bearings as they were like new, so no need to change.. Just the cams to install and its ready to go.

Unfortunately I am back to work at the weekend, so it will have to wait until october for the Mapping.....##
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  1. The Slug's Avatar
    Did you find the route cause after all this time and work? I know you had an idea, was that proved to be correct?
  2. turbonutter's Avatar
    Out with friends today so will reply tomorrow... With dom theories. ....
  3. turbonutter's Avatar
    As to the route cause there are a number of factors involved - what we know is the engine detonated on multiple cylinders, blowing the head gasket and damaging most of the pistons. Why the detonation is a hard one to pinpoint, but given that it was a hot day, I think we can go with high Inlet air temperature being the cause along with a lack of ignition correction for the high temperatures.

    There is a slight possibility that the head gasket blew first and the detonation was an after effect, but I think the det came first. A lack of any logging on that day (dont ask) dosent help to pinpoint any causes..

    Another issue could be the use of the Davis Craig pumps as you know they control the water temperature by altering the water flow, which works reasonably well, but with a high power boosted engine it is not only water temperature that is important, the engine also needs to have plenty of flow, especially on full boost. with the DC pumps if the water temp is good (leaving the pits) then the pumps will run minimum speed, then floor the throttle, lots of power, lots of heat and the pumps still on minimum speed, so poor flow through the engine with the possiblity of local hot spots.......

    I dont think I will ever know for sure the cause, but a lot of the work I have done over the last 10 months has not been directly related to the Blow up, but things I had on the list after running the car for a couple of years.

    The following has been done that isnt related:

    Fabricate - new Gear Lever/Linkage/etc
    New Larger Capacity fuel tank, this required relocation of the low pressure fuel pump & Charge cooler pump.
    Remove SOlid state Battery isolater & install mechanical one (Solid state one died)
    Remove Lifeline Electric fire extinguisher & fit FEV mechanical one (new extinguisher was cheaper than a service for the lifeline)
    Install front Anti Roll Bar (in progress)

    Under the front clam was also tidied up to make room for a Water /MEOH tank (was going to use Water injection, but now the plan is to see how the mapping goes & then decide- but there is space for the tank)
    This involved:
    Relocating the battery inside the car
    Re Plumbing the Charge Cooler Radiator both at the fron and rear of the car to keep the flow direction the same through the radiator.
    Re Locating the heater fan.

    Connected with the Blow Up:
    Remove the 2 DC pumps and fin one Stewart Components pump
    Re-Fit the Alfa Mechanical pump
    Overhaul the engine :
    New Pistons
    New Gaskets
    Head Skim
    New (used) Liners which have a 1mm Stainless wire o-ring in a groove in the top

    New ECU as the Haltech was lacking some functions & has poor logging.
    With The new ECU I have gone for COP, using Audi Coils, Twin Lambda Sensors & 3 EGT sensors + Fly by wire & Traction control. As well as a number of extra sensors for logging (oil temp, oil pressure, charge cooler water in/out temp charge cooler air in temp, fuel pressure, exhaust pressure & ambient temperature....

    The new engine loom will be made by Phil Lanes who will be doing the mapping of the AET ECU....

    ENgine is built now, clutch on and gearbox on - but that is it now until I am back from work next time.....