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NS Corse Turbo

Engine Built - Ready to go !

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So the engine build is complete & clutch/gearbox installed - all ready for when I get back from work next time. In the mean time the Wiring loom for the New ECU should be completed, so it will be straight to the dyno when I am back (hopefully)

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  1. ducatiman's Avatar
    Looking good.................who is doing your engine loom for you ?
  2. turbonutter's Avatar
    Phil Lanes is doing the loom - he gave me a good price for the loom together with the ECU. Given the time involved & cost of buying all the wire and connectors if I did it myself, it was a simple descision to let him do it... Plus if I did it then he would have had to check it himself anyway. Also I'm sure he will make a better & neater job than me & if its wrong its not my fault!
    He has just collected my ECU. EGT amp throttle body & Throttle pedal pot, so he can test the loom once finished..
    Updated 25-07-2014 at 23:28 by turbonutter
  3. turbonutter's Avatar
    Ok So as always a change of plans. The tuning now will be done on a rolling road - the dyno didnt work out, for a number of reasons.
    The plan now is for a couple of rolling road sessions the first will be without the turbo, to get a good N/A map and set up things like knock control. Then for the second session it will be with the turbo, to map the boost control.

    Engine is now in the car, fuel hooked up and tested (just need to change the filler hose) oil & gearbox oil connected.

    Driveshafts installed with uprated outer CV's, Gear box cables connected & final tweak of the brackets made. Just waiting on the wiring loom and some parts to make up a section of exhaust pipe to fit in place of the turbo...
  4. LM mic's Avatar
    Hello Neil
    Good luck for you future tests !
  5. maxlouis's Avatar
    Looks fabulous - Love the gold finish!