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Tidy up Under the front

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One of the changes I made while the car was off the road was to tidy up under the front clam - the main reason for this was to make room to install an Anti Roll bar and to make space for a Water/MEOH tank. The water/MEOH tank & W.I. injection system wont be fitted unless it is the only way to keep the inlet temps down, but at least there is plenty of space for one.

two DC pumps replaced with one Stewart Components pumps. Battery removed, Anti Roll bar mounted, Charge cooler pipes altered so they dont cross over any more. Heater fan relocated & Remote engine thermostat installed.


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  1. Paul's Avatar
    would love to see more details on the anti-roll bar installation, specs (ie stiffness) and how well it works? How did you attach it to the front suspension?
    Did you fit one on the rear also, or front only?
  2. turbonutter's Avatar
    Hi Paul,
    Its very much a work in progress at the moment....... The bar you see is an aftermarket one for a FOrd Sierra, that can be bought in various gauge tube, the arms on the end I have bent to be in the right place.
    That is as far as I have gone at the moment, no link to the front suspension & no testing. The point was to install the bar (this one ia 1") and fit all the other items around it, then when I have time I can progress some more.

    To attach to the front suspension I plan to use somthing smilar to listerbell...
  3. Paul's Avatar
    My car seems fine for casual road use - I'll play around with the damper settings a bit more as it does seem to wallow a little on the front, but next adventure for me is to take the car for some track day events. Problem is, I've no idea what a good spring rate might be - ie just leave it as is, and use an anti-roll bar to prevent roll when cornering, or should I go for stiffer springs as my starting point. Your springs are quite a bit stiffer than the stock Corse ones - how do find the general ride quality, and roll in the turns?
  4. turbonutter's Avatar
    The ride on my car if pretty hard, but not as hard as my last car. Arthur used it with these spring rates as a road car.
    The roll isnt too bad, less than with standard springs but I cant really compare, how much less as I have never driven an I with stock springs. For track I would like less roll,. of course if you do fit an anti roll bar, then you need to tweek th esuspension settings as well, as there will be less camber change ......

    The best advice is to try it as it is, and see how it feels & if you want, then you can make a change & see if you like it better or not.